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Control Alt Delete Mac

Control-Alt-Delete is a common keyboard shortcut on the Windows operating system and is typically used to force quit non-responding applications. Learn the equivalent key combination on macOS.

Mac Keyboard Symbols: Shortcuts

It’s easy to forget the keyboard symbols used for shortcuts on a Mac. Below is a quick visual reference to help you remember a few of the most common symbols used for keyboard shortcuts.

Common Aspect Ratios

A quick cheat sheet to common aspect ratios and image sizes. Reference the various ratios with a base width of 1080 pixels. The ratios range from 1.91:1 to 1:1 and include landscape to portrait.

Instagram Stories: Aspect Ratio

The key to making images look good on Instagram Stories is to prepare them to fit the space available. Cropping your images to the correct aspect ratio will prevent Instagram from compressing or pixelating your images.